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Music & Masti is an original educational podcast, created by Priya Purushothaman and Hari Adivarekar, that engages children ages 7 and above with the exciting world of Hindustani music!

Learn about Hindustani music through the eyes of siblings Sahana and Hamir, whose playful banter and conversations lead to discoveries about sound, music, rhythm, melody and more. This podcast aims to make Hindustani music accessible to children by bringing joy and laughter into the learning process while shaping practical music skills and analytical thinking applicable in all disciplines.


Each episode features different learning activities, including melodic and rhythmic exercises, listening skills, and sing-along material, supplemented by an activity book that teachers and parents can use to review the concepts of each episode. The podcast also features a theme sing-along song (Sa Pa Sa, composed by Pandit Dinkar Kaikini), which is taught and practiced over most episodes. Special thanks the the Svarit Trust for permission to use this song in the series and to Pandit Kaikini for the inspiration to make classical music inclusive for children. 

As part of an outreach effort with the Pune-based NGO, Baithak, Music & Masti is also being used in underserved schools across India as a teaching supplement in music classes.

The podcast is available for free on all major platforms and its website, visit

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