Priya teaches Hindustani vocal music for students who demonstrate sincerity and dedication to the process. Her approach focuses on training the voice, building the foundations of sur and taal, and taking students on the journey of exploring and improvising within a raga. She teaches all age ranges and levels and also works with musicians of other genres interested in widening their spectrum to incorporate techniques of Indian classical music into their style. She teaches over Skype and in-person in Mumbai.


Priya has conducted workshops and lecture-demonstrations at a wide range of international institutions including:

  • Codarts Music Conservatory (Rotterdam) 

  • Utrecht Music Conservatory (Netherlands) 

  • Syracuse University (NY) 

  • Society for Art and Cultural Heritage (CA) 

  • Agastya International Foundation (India)

  • Studio for Movement Arts & Therapies (Bangalore) 

  • Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts (Bangalore) 


Some topics she has presented include: The Story of Raag; Hindustani Music Appreciation; Nature and Song, a Children's Workshop; Decoding a Hindustani Vocal Concert; Breath and Voice, for Children; A Comparative Study of Three Musical Traditions: Carnatic, Hindustani and Jazz. 


For enquiries about private lessons or to host a workshop/lecture-demonstrations, please contact gayakipriya(at)gmail(dot)com.